What Sells Video Production?

August 17, 2017

Interesting conversation here at Spark Towers today here in sunny (?) Birmingham. Not that that’s unusual, thank you very much.

What do people buy into first? The idea or execution?

Well that’s a very good question, one that can be posed at many a platform, industry or brand.

In terms of our experience of content and video production – and excuse the fence sitting – it’s obviously a bit of both.

Now our reputation has been built on ideas.

As former radio creatives, we drove forward the creative led sell. Airtime hinging on a single script, the idea winning out over platform.

And ever since the pen became the camera, we have continued in similar vein.

Challenging norms & preconceptions, getting clients to think a little more leftfield, adjusting the mindset of a Marketing Director or Manager.

It is that focus, where an original idea or concept, is the key, that has reaped many a reward for us.

However, we know that sometimes, simplicity wins out. A beautifully shot talking head film, that – while not something terribly new – endears the eye, engages the mind, and doesn’t outstay its welcome is still a viable strategy.

A case study – while not ground breaking - again shot with care and love, that tells a fascinating story, that’s graded beautifully, still provides a compelling watch.

It’s not that brands play it safe at these times, it’s that they know what there brands are, what’s expected of them - in a way they give the people what they want.

They’ll be other times when the brand needs to challenge - it’s when to pick your fight.

Besides, even these executions can be presented in very different - and original - ways.

What’s important is that both video production strategies can produce virile, relevant and powerful content.

Original ideas that surprise vs familiar strategies executed well?

Take your pick and get in touch.

It’s all good content.

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