FAQ: What is the perfect duration for a corporate video?

October 01, 2018

We are often asked by clients how long a corporate video should be?

It’s a good question to ask. To long and you’ll lose the attention of the viewer, to short and there’s not enough time to convey your message.

The truth is there’s no exact answer to this question.

We always start by asking clients 'what do they hope to achieve by creating a video?' Do they want brand awareness, clicks to their website or to simply educate the viewer about their product or service?

We also need to consider where the corporate video will live, as this can determine the length due to digital platform specifications. For example Instagram Stories are just 15 seconds per clip, Twitter up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds, LinkedIn can be up to 10 minutes and Facebook up to 45 minutes.

However just because you can upload a long video doesn’t mean you should. Viewers are busy people and are bombarded with sales messages all day, every day. Expecting a viewer to watch a long video in this day and age is a big ask!

At Spark Media we believe that a short snappy video is best. Grab the viewers attention from the off to hook them in and convey your message within 90 seconds (a perfect duration for a website video). We can then take shorter edits from this and apply them to specific platforms.

Most TV commercials convey their message in under 30 seconds and if the message is right it can have a massive impact. 

So to summarise, keep your corporate video short and make it memorable. The attention span of a human in 2018 is down to just 8 seconds, so if you’re still reading this blog then thank you very much.

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