Going Live!

February 26, 2018

Everybody by now should be aware of the ability to broadcast live via social media.  Periscope was the first social live streaming platform to hit the mainstream and was very quickly snapped up by Twitter.


However, live streaming existed well before this with California garage band ‘Sever Tire Damage’ broadcasting a gig live onto the internet using multicasting as far back as 1993. ‘Rock on’ or is it ‘log on’?


But back to now - and today the social media giant Facebook delivers an outstanding live service that available to all it’s users including businesses and brands. Yes, we often see live broadcasts in our feed featuring some shaky smart phone camera footage with poor audio. Most recently I’ve seen live broadcasts of people helping the homeless (great) or taking part in an impromptu sing song on the last train home (not so great if you’re sober).


But I feel where Facebook Live really comes into it’s own is when it is used by businesses and brands to educate, entertain and above all, engage with its customers.


Over the last 12 months Spark Media has created some really high-end live broadcasts. We’ve worked with brands like Intu and Genting producing presenter-led fashion shows and fascinating interviews with high profile sporting icons. Mighty content to increase social numbers, showcase what’s in store and build brand loyalty.


Our in-house team added professional graphics throughout the broadcasts and include pre-recorded segments to deliver a TV look that provides the viewer with a more captivating experience, like the content they’re accustomed to in their living rooms.


Don’t get me wrong it’s not all about style, substance is critical but what’s even more interesting is how Facebook Live gives the viewer the ability to interact and connect with the content. 


Take Resorts World Birmingham:  On a specific campaign they targeted sports fans and broadcast a Live Q&A with F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell.

Fans could watch the Q&A and ask questions to Nigel in real time through the comments section, which were then posed by the presenter on stage.


It put Resorts World in ‘Pole Position’ in the customers eyes (sorry)..


It works with advice and tips too. We filmed a live demonstration for an international make-up brand and were inundated with comments asking’s for beauty tips from the experts we were filming. Now that’s powerful engagement and customer interaction that you just can’t deliver though traditional advertising and the best thing is that it’s a fraction of the cost. 


‘Going Live’ is no longer exclusive to the likes of Philip Schofield & Sarah Greene on a Saturday morning. Your business can do it too and be just as targeted and just as relevant, the only difference is you won’t need a Gopher called Gordon. 

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