​How many reasons does it take…?

March 21, 2018

LinkedIn loves a good '13 reasons why...’

According to them, everything can be consolidated into a finite number of reasons, tips, actions or observations for you to consider to do anything apparently.


17 profitable things to say on Linkedin

5 things you should do on Social Media today.

139 reasons why this article is going to change your life (that might be a slight exaggeration) 

It’s the influence of how we consume our media. Compartmentalising things into neat little tidy lists – as it works so well for our impatient minds. So, taking that on board, how many reasons are there for your brand to consider video production for your website, Social Media, Digital Platforms, digital screens, point of sale, presentations, exhibition.

Well with video, there’s only one reason.

It works.

Sorry list lovers.

There are many factors behind that – sorry pedant lovers – but ultimately the only motivation you should have, to do anything in business is whether it works.

The factors in question are many and broad, but also specific to sector, to demographic, to season, to brand. And I’m sure at some point we’ll answer a fair few in a rather more targeted way.

Referring back to the 3rd paragraph however, and the long list of platforms, you’ll realise the sheer penetration of video. Try and cumulate how much of your daily business time is spent exposed to video content. Any self-respecting marketer should be factoring it into their plans and budgets. To be blunt, video is a no brainer.


But – and this is where I slightly sit back on my brazenly confident stance – it’s how it’s done that’ll make it work for you.


Video is just like any consumer facing asset. Do it badly and people will lose interest. Create something that’s been done, sticks rigidly to the tropes of your industry and doesn’t try anything new, and it’s just wasting everyone’s time.


Do it the right way, think conceptually, challenge the viewer, create debate, incite thought and emotion, embrace style AND substance, make people laugh, comment, share – even if it’s just widgets you’re selling. Invest in it, be brave with it and it’ll work for you.


There is just the one reason why you should consider Video.


It works.


Just don’t fuck it up

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