The Greatest Communicator in the World

March 13, 2018

Picking the right piece of music for the videos we produce can sometimes take longer than the whole edit.

It’s not just choose one at random and hope for the best, it’s about finding that special something that fits the mood, the tone...

The ‘Spark’ that ignites the content. 

Our video editors look for a track that will best represent the brand or business being promoted and truly lift the film to a new level, working in harmony with the footage, evoking emotion and making it memorable for the viewer. It’s no coincidence that our skilled editors are also passionate, eclectic music fans who can put their hand to playing a musical instrument. 

At Spark Media we use a variety of music libraries to source tracks for our clients and for those that want something extra special we work with top music producers to compose something bespoke. 

So when you next commission a marketing video make sure you don’t neglect the music because music is the greatest communicator in the world. 

As it’s Crufts week I thought I’d share this film we produced for Devoted Pet Foods. It features a beautiful piece of music from one of our favorite collaborators, the very talented SheBeat. 

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