Top tips to give your video cut through on social media

April 03, 2018

Here’s Spark Media's top tips to give your video MAHOOSIVE cut through on social media

Make the first 3 seconds of your video attention grabbing. You’ve got one chance to make the viewer take notice, so grab them from the start.

Add subtitles. Not everyone wants to watch video with the sound on, they may be on a train, in the library or have the kids asleep in the next room.  Even better make your video content work without sound. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Duration, duration, duration. There are lots of social platforms to flex your video muscle on these days.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and very popular right now Insta Stories on Instagram. Each platform has different duration specifications. However just because you can upload a 45 minute video on Facebook doesn’t mean you should. Short, snappy content works best, no longer than 60 seconds unless it’s something really special. People have a short attention span. Insta Stories are only 15 seconds in duration so you’ll need to make your content work within that timeframe. Whatever video production company you choose to produce your content ask for a variety of edits to work across all platforms.

Think about the device your video is being viewed on. 80% of social media time is spent on a mobile, so it makes sense to make your social media video mobile friendly. If you’re including text make it big enough for people to read. That goes for your logo too.  Try not to include busy shots/scenes with lots going on at the same time, this is iPhone not iMax content.

Upload your video directly onto the intended platform. For example DON’T upload your video to YouTube and then share the link on Facebook.  Your post will not be a priority for Facebook because the person that clicks on the link will move to a rival platform and Facebook doesn’t want that to happen.   

And finally include a cat in your video because cats mean stats baby!!!!

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