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February 14, 2018

It all started with a tweet. I wanted to say very, but – as the post was about VR – I wrote VR-y.


I mulled over – for quite a disproportionate amount of time – whether there should be a heifen. VRy or VR-y.

I opted for the latter. Needless to say I was pretty happy with my days work.


Now I read of a VR seminar, that’s titled ‘In ConVRsation’ – ooh now that’s good.


And how about an article titled ‘VRsatility of VR?’ Now that’s a corker.


It’s small beans, but it does show the impact of VR on the mainstream.

That we are scratching around for VR puns, reminds me of the ‘Eggs’cruciatingly bad puns are wheeled out every Easter (let alone the dreadful Omlette Challenge on Saturday Kitchen).


It’s firmly established in the lexicon. Which seems an obvious point, but it was always Virtual Reality not so long ago, and something of a awkward polygon pipe dream. 


However now it’s embedding itself in society, and while VR may not be fully at home in mainstream culture yet, it goes to how far its come that people go as far as making puns with it.


ForeVR may it continue.

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