Impact 360°

Motivated by the alarming findings of an startling road traffic incident survey, conducted by West Midlands Fire Service, our 360 film looks to educate children about the dangers of crossing the road whilst on their mobile phone.

Impact 360° puts the viewer at the centre of a road traffic collision and is shown in schools on VR headsets. 

It has also been used to target parents via facebook. 

The Brief

With a steady rise in smart phone use by young people and a survey highlighting road traffic collision hot spots in Birmingham, West Midlands Fire Service challenges us to create a targeted campaign that would reach both young people and their parents warning of crossing the road whist using a smart phone.

The Execution

We felt that showcasing the aftermath of an RTC using in 360° video and VR would be a powerful way to convey the Fire Services safety message. Impact 360 was created. Impact 360 puts the viewer uncomfortably in the center of the incident scene. Demonstrating the dangers and implications of using your phone whist crossing the road.  The VR film was produced to reach an audience through Facebook but also to be taken into schools and shown on headsets at events


The film was seeded through a targeted Facebook campaign receiving 130K views in the first week.

ITV News covered the story

The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce ran a feature about it

"It was a pleasure working with Spark Media. Their fresh approach to the brief really grabbed the attention of our target audience and hammered home the importance of road safety.  Sparks expertise and experience in VR meant that the finished film gave the viewer a unique and educational experience and the feedback we have from the children who view it is outstanding.  A job well done."

West Midlands Fire Service - Paul Bayliss

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