We're a fashionable bunch here at Spark so it was a total joy to be asked to work on the Intu AW18 fashion campaign. 

It was a magical project where we built a white studio specifically for the shoot and collaborated with two YouTube influencers Miss Alex (@missalexandraxx) & the Roxxsaurus (@roxxsauras). 

They showcased their talent through a wide range of content we created like carousel videos for Facebook, Insta Stories, interactive press and hold videos and YouTube bumpers to promote the shopping centre.

Some of the output was created in portrait or like the hero video was 1080 x 1080 (square) for maximum engagement on a mobile or tablet. 

With a focus on trainers for the 18 - 25 year old female we created this fun little Insta Story using stop frame animation. 

It was important that some of the films featured price and product info. We used animated text within the Intu brand guidelines in the Autumn themed film. 

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