Spark Media was commissioned to create a film to raise awareness of the warning signs behind Child Sexual Exploitation. A few of the more apparent challenges we saw were:

How do we create something fresh for a cause that has already heavily covered by video content?
How do we ensure we don’t patronise our audience and illicit genuine response?
And can we effectively engage an audience that may have been neglected when it come Child Sexual Exploitation awareness?

Our idea was to tap into the huge vlogging culture that has emerged in recent years and sits strongly with the youth adults of today.

With that as our starting point, and in consultation with the client, we were able to evolve the story to centre around AJ - uniquley a young Asian male, a much ignored demographic with CSE targeting films, but just as pertinent - and a gamer.

It takes a fresh approach to a saturated market and will hopefully speak directly to a wide and relevant audience - whether gamers, young adults and - refreshingly - young asian males. Exploitation is a much wider problem that people are aware, and that can be sometimes the fault of the awareness videos that inform that.

A film like this spells out the fact that it affects much more young people - from a very varied backgrounds - than they expect.

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