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Valentine's Day Campaign


We produced social content for The Perfume Shop‘s Valentine’s Day campaign. The 1-minute promotional film celebrates those meet-cute moments that see fragrance lead to love from a scent that sparks something new to a perfume behind a lifetime of love.


After the success of ‘Merry Spritzmas’ for The Perfume Shop’s Christmas 2023 campaign, we thought about how we could take our ‘spritz’ concept into Valentine’s Day.

We came up with the tagline ‘It Started with a Spritz’ – a fun twist on the classic 80s song ‘It Started With a Kiss’ by Hot Chocolate. With ‘how could I resist the aroma of your perfume’ appearing in the the first few lyrics of the original song, it felt like the perfect song choice! We commissioned a bespoke edition of the song, featuring the new tagline, and used this as the foundation of the project.

The concept was to show how a spritz of perfume led to love for 4 different couples, from teenagers at school to coworkers in the office, an older couple celebrating their anniversary and two strangers meeting in their favourite perfume shop. We created a storyboard and did a test shoot to help us plan and visualise the different shots (see the behind the scenes process here).

We wanted the video to evoke a sense of nostalgia, so we created a journey through the decades, from the 90s to present day. Our Production Coordinator got to work sourcing everything from a 90s cassette player to office computers from the 2000s to make each scene feel as authentic as possible. Our Camera Operator used the Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern RAW to really bring the 90s vibes to life. Check out the behind the scenes set up vs the final shot here


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