At Spark, our passion for animation leads us to create beautifully-crafted, creative and memorable films. With animation, anything is possible. If we can think it, we can animate it.

2D and 3D animation production for businesses with a story to tell, for clients big and small.

We work with brand giants, as well as small growing businesses. Whoever the client is, we’ll bring the creativity and expertise to confidently deliver your project.

We have a talented group of animators with experts in 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion and motion graphics. Whatever your brand style, whatever the brief demands, our visual storytellers have your back!

2D Animation

We love the ever-evolving world of 2D animation. From motion graphics to character animation, we create highly memorable and stylised films. 2D animation has a timelessness that means it can stay current to your brand.

It’s great at building excitement and turning the complex into a digestible visual story.

Projects can be fully illustrated/animated, or animation can help add the exciting visual flair to your live action film.


3D Animation

Want to stretch reality with photo-realistic animation?

Or create fun stylistic CGI scenes and characters to make your brands stand out from competitors?

We’ve got experience with both ends of the spectrum, from larger than life bottles that feature in The Perfume Shop’s most recent Christmas Ad to endearing robots for Marks Electrical (our character even got made into a toy!).

The Process

It all starts with an idea and something we have in bucket loads.
We create a narrative centred around your message and visualise this on a storyboard to bring your idea to life.
Here we create the illustrations of your film. From characters to icons. We use 2D and 3D modelling to inject personality, emotion and expression into these.
The magical part! Our skilled animators transform the designs into a video animation that will leave a lasting impact.


How much does animation production cost?

The cost of an animation depends on several factors: The duration of the film, the style and the complexity of the animation. All these elements will determine how long the film with take to produce and therefore dictate the cost. 

Great things never come from comfort zones

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