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Father’s Day Campaign

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For The Perfume Shop’s Father’s Day campaign, we had the idea of incorporating dad jokes and decided to bring static perfume bottles to life using 3D animation in order to tell them. Originally inspired by the Just Eat x Love Island advert campaign, we created a series of short, funny clips using a combination of CGI and live action footage, which the client could share weekly in the month leading up to Father’s Day to keep it fresh in their customers’ minds. 

Our in-house CGI specialist modelled the bottles and breathed life into them, animating spins, disapproving sighs, and every reflection to create photo-realistic bottles which were full of personality. 

Two CGI perfume bottles in the perfume shop on a counter
Two CGI perfume bottles dancing in the perfume shop with disco lights
Two CGI perfume bottles talking at the gym

4 short, memorable clips for social media

Before we began the animation process, we did a test shoot by filming ourselves acting as the bottles, analysing the natural movements we made when telling the jokes so we could mirror these gestures in the animation software to make it as convincing as possible. The client told us which fragrances they were wanting to particularly highlight and promote, and we built this into the dad jokes we scripted. We produced four short videos that were released on The Perfume Shop’s social media channels to create laughter or eye-rolls, either way leaving a lasting impression so that customers would think of these fragrances when buying gifts for Father’s Day. 

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