TV Advertising

Spark Media specialise in producing TV adverts and are a preferred supplier for Sky TV. We can take care of the whole process: Idea creation, Clearcast, Pre Production, Production, Post Production & Advert Distribution.

Get your brand on TV!

Brands across the UK come to us to produce a TV advert like no other. We share their story with the country and achieve business objectives. Some have even won awards! Start your campaign with us.

We have a highly skilled team of Directors, DOPS, Gaffer, Camera Operators, MUA and more that will bring your TV commercial to life.


We’ve created award winning TV commercials that have been shown on Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and more.

Why advertise on TV?



91% of 16-34 year-olds watch TV every week, watching on average 39 TV adverts per day. With Sky’s Adsmart, you can even target viewers based on their location, age, and lifestyle. That’s a lot of exposure with a loft of control.



TV adverts can generate up to 71% ROI over a long-term period. It remains one the most effective ways to advertise, both on budget and visibility.



42% of the UK audience trust TV adverts over any other medium. It’s a great way for start a lasting relationship with your customers.


VOD takes you OOH

With VOD, your adverts are no longer bound to the living room TV. Advertise to viewers wherever they are, whenever they’re watching their favourite show.


How much does a TV advert cost to produce?

There are lots of variables that determine the cost of a TV commercial. One of the factors that can impact cost is ‘usage’. Actors and voiceovers are paid on how long your TV advertising campaign is on for and how many people will see it. With a clear understanding of your budget we can create a creative production solution that will get your brand front of mind. 


Do you provide subtitles, voiceovers, and music?

Absolutely! Our quotes are bespoke to your brief. If they are required to make your perfect film, we’ll include them in our quote and during our pre-planning meetings.


Do we have any input on the edit?

Yes, of course. This is your video and we want you to be 100% happy with it. However the style of edit will be discussed at the very start of the project so you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect when you receive your first cut. We also factor some amendment time onto the production costs so that tweaks can be made to make the film exactly how you want it.

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