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At Spark, we offer bespoke live streaming solutions whatever the occasion.

Our team have the expertise to produce live multi-camera broadcasts at the quality you would expect from TV. We have experience in creating an exciting yet smooth live atmosphere for your events, conferences, and presentations; live streams that people will want to watch and want to participate with.

multi-camera live stream broadcast set up of speaker at Canvas conference

Discover a new audience

Live streaming is a great way to engage audiences across the world. In this post-pandemic world, more audiences are switching to a WFH / hybrid lifestyle. 

Events that could only be attended miles away are now available right at home. Your reach expands without needing to find a bigger venue.

Live streaming camera set up with large audience at Staffline event

Tell your brand story

Nothing beats connecting with an audience face-to-face. The real-time interaction builds trust as you take them on a journey. 

Whether it’s a Q&A session or breaking the latest news for your brand, live streaming takes customer interaction to the next level.

Live streaming monitor view of camera set up at Staffline event

Live streaming made simple

Hosting an event can be stressful enough, never mind organising a live stream for your online audience. 

That’s where Spark Media helps. No matter the streaming party, be it social media or a third-party platform, we’ll manage it all. All your focus can now be on delivering the conference, award ceremony, or panel discussions you planned.

We work with our customers to create professional live streams that include the following elements and more…

  • Intro titles and outro credit sequences matching your brand guidelines 
  • Live on-screen graphics 
  • Remote special guests 
  • Pre-recorded video content
Vision mixing set up for live streaming


We’ve live streamed everything from business conferences to fashion shows across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft Teams. We regularly live stream events for Staffline, the biggest recruitment company in the UK.


Make your next event unforgettable

Broadcast and capture your event with TV-quality footage.
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