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At Spark Media we have a specialist VR and 360° video team.
Our interactive VR experiences put your customers at the centre of the action, providing a unique, memorable and fully immersive experience that traditional videos and 360° photography can’t match.

Interactive guided tours, educational tools, facility explorers and immersive storytelling. Our VR experiences can be viewed via Phone, desktop and VR headsets. They are supported by Facebook and YouTube.

We also provide a high quality live 360 streaming service, an immersive way to share your events through social platforms.


Considering if 360 and VR videos are worth the investment for your brand? Here are 4 benefits to help you get started:
1. VR is more engaging than 2D video
2. 360 videos can be watched on mobile phones
3. They feel more transparent and authentic to viewers
4. Campaigns are now immersive and experiential




We sit down and learn more about you and your brand’s video strategy. No two projects are the same, and that’s why it’s important to work together to create a VR film that shouts your brand’s ethos.



VR and 360 video production are big projects. There’s a lot to manage such as location, actors, equipment, and the storyboarding itself. As always, we’re help you through the journey and keep you in the loop on the way.



This is where your vision comes to life. Our experienced producers and crew utilise the state-of-the-art VR equipment to create the best immersive video for your brand.



Back at the studio, we collate all the raw footage and craft your finished VR video. By stitching and blending, we create a seamless immersive experience that puts the user at the centre of your world.
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Stand out from the crowd with VR & 360 video

Want your next campaign to be immersive and interactive? Or maybe you want to help your sales team by creating 360 product videos? No matter the challenge, Spark Media will help create an experience to remember.


What are VR and 360 videos?

360 video is the most immersive content format ever created. Viewed through a VR headset, the user experiences the environment as if they’re actually there. Video is recorded in every direction, so no matter where the user looks, they’ll be fully immersed.

How much does it cost to film a VR video?

Each project have different requirements. Factors that influence the cost include actors, the location, travel, and training itself. If your project requires custom art, expect the budget to increase. This is why we have our initial meetings – to get a clear understanding of your brief so we can offer an accurate, bespoke proposal.

Make your next event unforgettable

Broadcast and capture your event with TV-quality footage.
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