Drone & Ariel Videography

Take to the sky with Spark Media as your drone operator.

They don’t just have the power to bring the nation to a sudden standstill, they could bring an entirely new audience to your business. We’re talking epic shots of a mountain-top, show-stopping views of a golf course, race-course ride-alongs, the works. It’s the stuff of movies. And we can create it for your business.

Why you need Aerial video


Tell your story from a bird’s eye

Some places need to be seen from a height to grasp the full picture. Beaches, tourist attractions, festivals, and even construction sites. Share every angle of your business.


Increase trust in your product

Your audience loves witnessing how their products are made. Take them behind the scenes! Whizz through the factory and take them on a journey from concept to finished product.


Take your live streaming to the next level

Want to add excitement and depth to your live streams? Use a drone for your next event. Bring the buzz to those viewing at home.


Stand out with unique content!

With limited access to drones, how many businesses can show off their premises with an aerial shot? Whether it’s St George’s Park or a construction site, take your audience’s breath away with simply stunning footage.
Spark Media produced the Discover Dudley video on behalf of Dudley Council and the borough’s local attractions. I can honestly say it was a brilliant experience – they went well and beyond the brief, producing a film which exceeded our expectation and was truly professional.

Discover Dudley

The Process

You need a unique idea – a concept that will stand you out from the crowd. That’s where we come in.
Whether it’s stand-alone or part of a large campaign, we make sure your footage tells a story.
With everything planned to the last detail, Spark Media arrive on location and capture the epic drone footage you need.
When the shoot is over, our editing team turns the raw footage into a clean, polished film. All you have to do is press publish.


How are aerial videos made?

There are two common ways to capture aerial footage:

  1. Helicopter
  2. Drones

Drones are more economic and easier to operate than helicopters. If you’re looking to capture footage above 400ft, helicopter is the better option. However, they cost and safety requirements needed may outweigh the benefits.


Can you fly anywhere?

No. There are a few restrictions when flying a drone. However, when we discuss your project, we’re able to highlight any and offer alternatives. All our work is risk assessed and planned to deliver the best footage.


How much does drone footage cost?

Every project is different and so are our proposals. With so many factors, the best step is to get in touch and arrange an initial meeting. This ensures an accurate quote with no surprises.

Great things never come from comfort zones

Let’s start something exceptional

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