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So, you have a product, service or  idea and want to explain it in an engaging and creative way. Animated explainer videos are the perfect tool for this. 

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What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos which your company can use to communicate information about your brand, or a product or service you offer, in a succinct and memorable way. Animated explainer videos are the most popular type of explainer video because they can allow for more creativity and imagination.

The Benefits

Information in a Digestible Format

Animated explainer videos are the perfect way for your target audience to learn about your business in a highly visual and fun way. People don’t want to spend time reading through tons of text on a website. Video is a much more effective way to digest marketing messages. 

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Visualise Complex Ideas

If you are looking to break down an abstract idea or complex process, live action might be an unrealistic option. With animation, anything is possible. If we can think it, we can animate it. Whether its presenting mounds of data in a more engaging way or visualising an intangible product like software, animated explainer videos make the complicated simple.

Enhance Brand Identity

Custom animations are a great way to express your brand’s personality. We can work with and elevate assets you already have, or design signature characters and graphics for you from scratch that can grow with your brand in the future. This strengthens brand identity. 

animated walker
animated cyclist
animated cyclist 2

Improve Engagement

Animated explainer videos are great at driving conversions, whether it’s making a purchase or just dropping you a line. On social media, animated explainer videos are easily sharable and can drive traffic to your website. On your website landing page, these videos can keep people on your web pages for longer, which is great for your SEO and can boost your website in Google’s search rankings.

Why Spark Media?

Spark Media is a leading video production agency based in Birmingham. Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Animation in 2023, Spark specialises in the creation of impactful, eye-catching, and high-quality animation with a talented in-house team of 2D and 3D animators.

Animated explainer videos are one of our most sought-after services. We have created hundreds of powerful explainer videos for clients in many different sectors across Birmingham, the UK and all over the world, so we know what content works best. From corporate to cartoon and everything in between, we use a variety of different animation styles and techniques to fit your business needs. Here’s the process of working with us:

Briefing meeting with client

Initial Meeting

We’ll have a chat about your brief to understand exactly what you’re looking for in terms of target audience, illustration style, video length and distribution platforms.

Our team will then have a creative brainstorming session and present our ideas back to you.

Writing script for animated explainer video


Some clients like to write this themselves, others like to leave us to it—it's entirely your call.

We have a talented in-house team of copywriters who excel at turning even the most complex processes into engaging stories.

Creating storyboard for animated explainer video

Storyboards & Style frames

This is where we map out the signed-off script scene by scene with a creative storyboard to help you visualise how your animated explainer video will flow.

We’ll also give you a few fully designed style frames to make sure you’re happy with the look and feel of the animation.

Briefing meeting with client

Asset creation & Animation

Where the magic happens. With the script, storyboard and style frame approved, we get to work bringing your animated explainer video to life. We design custom characters and icons, using 2D or 3D modelling to inject personality into your film. We’ll sort everything from sound design to licensed music, voiceovers, and subtitling.

Client viewing results of animated explainer video


You'll get the chance to request any final tweaks and revisions before we hand over the final animated explainer video in whatever formats you want.

Want an animated explainer video for your business?

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Top Animated Explainer Video Examples

Wave Active Leisure Centre Trust

The Big Shift Campaign

Cambridge University Press Core Principles 

Culture Crossing

Gravity Key Values 

Our Testimonials

"Give these guys free reign to create and wait a few days to have all expectations exceeded! Brilliant team, rapid delivery and exceptional quality."
Matt O'Crowley
Founder, Tanki
"We had a great experience working with Spark Media. They came up with innovative ideas for our brief and the resulting animation was beautiful but at the same time expressed our campaign messages clearly and strongly."
Sophie Richmond
Global Lead - Big Shift Campaign, Climate Action Network
“I was really pleased with the results and attention to detail. Each element was given due care and attention and I would have no hesitation recommending Spark Media or to use them myself again.”
Bren Hester
Sports Events Producer, Frame Set Match Television
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