I’m speechless. It is perfect. It exceeds my expectations in a way that I didn’t think was possible.

Theo Millward (Managing Director)

An advertising campaign that splashed across Sky TV.

We produced this TV Commercial for our client SwimTime, the largest independent swim school in the UK.

SwimTime provide lessons to tens of thousands of people up and down the country every single week.

The aim of this commercial was to sell swimming lessons to parents and to build the SwimTime brand.

At Spark, we were brave enough to think outside the box and explore different ideas. Rather than featuring swimming lessons within the commercial, we came up with the idea to explore the theme of joy. A Child’s joy of swimming and their joy of being in the water.

The commercial was shot from a first-person perspective, to reflect the joys of being a parent and the joys of seeing your child learn how to swim.

They say that working with children is a challenge, but the children we worked with were amazing and made the shoot so much fun.

The real challenge was filming in water. Water can be difficult to shoot in, especially when your subject is active; the conditions around them change. Our experienced team had prepared for this and caught some great footage in and out of the water, working hard to bring the best out of the actors and the time that we were given in the pool.

The advert commercial was broadcast across SKY TV and SwimTime’s social media channels.

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