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Christmas is an incredibly important time for The Perfume Shop; sales are high, and so is morale. Everyone is deciding what to buy and so it is important for brands to advertise their products and stand out from the crowd.

We were aware that The Perfume shop sold premium perfume, but being a high-street retailer, it wasn’t necessarily a premium brand.

Their aim was to create a high profile, powerful campaign that drives sales and promotes the universality of their brand.

We understood this, and created a loud, energetic, and timeless film, which channels the energy of the fun fuelled festive period.

The Perfume Shop
What we did
Idea & TVC Production

From grandparents, to couples, to work colleagues, our film reflects a diversity of people, ages and ethnicities. Not only has this promoted inclusivity, but it has helped The Perfume Shop to reach a wider demographic of audiences.

The smooth and dynamic transitions between characters brings the film to life as well as sustaining the energy throughout the video.

We wanted to emphasise the joy of opening the gift of scent at Christmas, which is why we decided to film from a point of view shot, bringing the audience closer to the action on screen, and bottling the experience of gifting perfume to someone you love and seeing their reaction first hand.

Not only did we match perfumes to different demographics, but we made sure to promote a wealth of brands in store, as well as reminding audiences that they can shop online.

This video campaign was memorable, fresh, and a huge success. It had projected The Perfume Shop’s brand identity at a really important time and was effectively utilised across all of their social media and marketing platforms.

The Shoot & B-Roll

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