The Bar Games

Bacardi have created a streaming platform to host content, which serves and celebrates the bartending community across the world. They wanted content that was different from the classic ‘how to make’ videos, so we came up with The Bar Games.

The Bar Games are the ultimate bartender challenge, where we celebrate and test the best bartenders in each city across a number of challenging and humorous tasks. This factual, light-hearted, and fun content brings bartending to mainstream audiences, providing an engaging and entertaining snapshot into the craft.

“Content that raises the bar”

The Bar Games brings together animation, live action, scripted and non-scripted dialogue, as well as sketches with our two hosts, Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham, also known as the ‘Thinking Drinkers’. Not only is The Bar Games entertaining, but it also serves to educate audiences, with sections on local history and geography, as well as knowledge into drinks and drink making.

So far, we’ve made 5-episodes of The Bar Games, which individually stand on their own, as being informative, entertaining, and insightful, paying homage to each city we visit.

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