Corporate Video Produuction

Original video production that engages audiences and drives results.

Our videos are more than just about headshots and interviews. They’re about people, their lives, and how they’re changing the world. Spark Media helps you share that story.

“Content that raises the bar”


The Bar Games

Your business needs video content.

Here’s why.


Reach your audience in different ways

We all like to learn differently. The same applies to your target audience. Some prefer to read a blog post, others prefer a podcast. For those who prefer learning visually, video speaks to them. That’s more of your audience listening and engaging with your message.


Be remembered

95% of viewers remember a message after watching a video. Those reading the CTA as text? Only 10% remember. This study by Forbes shows why you shouldn’t leave video out of your content strategy.


Get more qualified leads

Not only are more eyes on your brand, video content generates 66% more qualified leads. With training and product demos to accompany, it’ll even help convert those sitting on the fence.


Corporate videos done differently.

Imagine a board meeting, papers rustling, polite coughing.  Suddenly, pan out, you see it’s on the edge of a cliff. Snow sweeps bitterly across the mahogany table and men in suits are suddenly scaling the iced cliff edge, scrambling to get up. At Spark, this is our idea of a corporate film. Doing it differently. Doing it boldly. And bravely. Telling a story with more than headshots and captions – telling a story with balls.

The Process

The greatest videos all started with a great idea – something we’ve got loads of!
We translate your message into a creative story that everyone loves.
Whatever the medium, our expert team will create the perfect video.
Our experienced editing team polishes the raw footage into a ready-to-publish file.


What types of corporate videos can you create?

We’re really fortunate to have a team that specialised in many video forms. Here are some examples of what we can accomplish:

All our proposals are bespoke, so get in touch to discover how we can help you achieve your video goals.


How much does a corporate video cost?

Every video is different, and so is the budget. A full-blown TV advert with animation and VFX is more likely to cost more than a straight-forward headshot interview. This is why we learn as much about your vision in the first meeting – so we can deliver a bespoke, accurate quote.


Will I have input on the edit?

100%! This is your video. To prevent any confusion, we agree on style at the very beginning of the project. You’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect and we make sure we’re all singing from the same book. Tweaks are factored into production costs to make sure the film is exactly how you want it.

Great things never come from comfort zones

Let’s start something exceptional

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