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We produced a disruptive film to deliver a strong message to the World Bank about its persistent funding of fossil fuels and how that negatively impacts our world. This powerful animation paints our world’s terrains and shows how they are at risk of destruction.

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Using colour and texture, we created strong juxtapositions between the vibrant, thriving landscapes which make use of wind turbines and solar panels, and the dingy, post-apocalyptic landscapes which are being destroyed by fossil fuels.

We made the film feel as grand as possible by making the camera swoosh through the landscapes to create a real sense of the scale. We used dramatic lighting and angular/diagonal shapes to give the film an individual look.


This film shone a spotlight on the appointment of David Malpass by Donald Trump. It was shown to the World Bank at the G7 summit in Washington to spread awareness and demand attention. It served to bang the drum for The Big Shift Global campaign, calling on the world’s biggest development banks to shift finance out of dirty fossil fuels into sustainable, renewable energy. 

Some of the world’s most respected environmental campaigners (including Bill McKibben and Nadia Jamil) retweeted the film. David Malpass – the target of the film – has since resigned.


We also created a powerful mini-documentary and trailer for Big Shift Global. The company sent investigative journalists to 3 continents to explore the impact of World Bank Group fossil fuel investments on people’s lives in Argentina, Egypt, and Indonesia. These stories call for a more sustainable future. 

We arranged for translators to translate the footage so that we could select the best moments from vast amounts of footage and also to provide subtitling. We animated sequences that were interspersed throughout to add visual flair, help illustrate the story and emphasise key points. This was especially important due to the sensitive nature of the information being shared. Some of the interviewees wanted to be anonymous, so animation helped tell their story.


'My experience with Spark Media was great. Initially I felt working with them to produce a climate change campaign video was a step outside of the agencies we normally work with given Spark’s strong background in advertising. However, I was immediately reassured. The communication with the team was great, they made sure they understood where we were coming from and the key messages for our campaign. Once this was clear their creative input was invaluable in creating a campaign video that stood out from others we had previously had. The animation was beautiful but at the same time the video portrayed our message clearly and directly.'
Sophie Richmond
Global Lead – Big Shift Campaign, Climate Action Network



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